USDA Geographic Eligibility Statistics for Wyoming Postal Zip Code 82604

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0.1% of Wyoming is ineligible for rural development USDA home loans.
Postal code 82604 is used by homes and businesses in and around Casper, Wyoming, and covers 4799.6 square kilometers. About 20.3 square kilometers of this postal code falls within a USDA exclusion zone. By percentage, about 0.4% of zip code area 82604 is ineligible for rural development USDA home loans. can help you determine precisely what properties are inside USDA loan eligibility boundaries.
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Direct Wyoming USDA Program Administration Contact Information
USDA Rural Development
100 East B St., Rm 1217
Casper, WY 82601

Multi-Family Housing: 307-347-2456 ext. 4
Single Family Housing, Casper: 307-233-6799; Riverton: 856-7524, ext. 4
Featured Property from USDA Loan Eligible Regions of Wyoming
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79 Hialeah Rd
Afton, WY

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